Every year, Earth Day arrives on April 22, which means it is just around the corner once again! If you’ve been thinking about the Earth and what you can do to show it more love, we recommend that you start your journey at home. Bringing sustainable living to your indoor and outdoor living spaces is something you can work on a little bit each year.

Let’s explore how you can be more sustainable in and around your home!


How to Create a More Eco-Friendly Home

We can all do our part to bring sustainability to our homes for 2024. These strategies can help!


Invest in Sustainable Home Upgrades When Choosing Replacements

You don’t need to immediately replace everything in your home with eco-friendly alternatives, but conscientious decision-making when something needs to be replaced can go a long way. All around the home, there are features that can be replaced with more sustainable alternatives. Light bulbs, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, and water heaters all have sustainable alternatives to choose from.


Know How to Consume Energy Responsibly

Responsible energy use all comes down to education. It means knowing when your energy use is clean and when it isn’t, then using that information to make more informed decisions. You can generally get tips on ideal energy windows from your energy provider, so check out their resources through your online portal.


Grow and Nurture Plants in and Around the Home

In a world that is steadily filling up with machines, there is no denying that the key to balance is supporting more life. Adding plants to your home can improve your air quality, reduce carbon dioxide, and even cool it down. Pro tip: plant trees, and try to choose plants for your yard that are native to the area!


Riverside 4ft Garden Bench in Cabana Tan


Consider Energy Alternatives

It’s hard to imagine a time without standard energy, but humans really have not been dependent on it for that long. Trading traditional energy use for alternative solutions, like solar panels, can help you consume less energy and reduce your strain on the environment.

If solar panels aren’t in your budget, you can always start small. Candlelight was a primary light source for most of humanity’s existence, and it can bring a special charm to evenings with family and loved ones.


Choose Recycled Products

The world only has so many resources, and it is time for all of us to start making use of what we already have. Choosing products that have been made with recycled plastic, can give you peace of mind about the positive impact your choices are making on the environment.

Chairs made from poly lumber use materials that have already been processed, reducing the amount of carbon emissions contributing to global warming and preventing adding more trash to landfills. 


Set of 2 Cape Folding and Reclining Adirondack Chairs in Cove Gray



Designed for hours of lounging, our eco-friendly recycled plastic outdoor furniture products are impossible not to love. Learn more about the benefits of choosing eco-friendly recycled plastic pieces for your outdoor space from our blog



Riverside Garden Chair in Palm Green


Recycled products come in all kinds of materials, but the best thing we can do is recycle plastic!


Shop With Eco-Friendly Brands

Sustainable people supporting sustainable brands is an exceptional way to improve our global sustainability. When you shop for items for your home, try to prioritize brands that prioritize sustainability in their products and supply chain.

When you choose eco-friendly brands, you improve the global market for sustainability.


Support the Planet We Call Home By Making the Right Choices Around Your Own Home!

We can’t control the world around us, but we can often control our own spaces. Prioritizing sustainability and recycled materials in your home can help you show the planet some love and reduce your carbon footprint too.

At Bahia Verde, we believe that sustainability is everyone’s job, which is why our outdoor living furniture is made from recycled plastics that have been reworked to make beautiful and sustainable poly lumber. To learn more, visit our website today!


Riverside 5ft Garden Bench in Coconut White


What sustainability tips are you pledging to practice this Earth Day? Let us know in the comments below!

April 19, 2024 — Gabi Slucki