About Us

For more than 30 years, Bahia Verde has recycled plastics into poly lumber to create furniture as beautiful as a sunny day on a sandy beach. We started selling our first products at local farmer's markets and shops. Interest grew so much that we launched this online store.

From sea to shining sea—and every lake, river, and stream in between—our Earth-friendly furniture helps families and friends re-connect, celebrate life’s greatest moments, and enjoy their own sweet escapes.

Our designs call to mind lighthouses, sandy shore lines, and lazy rivers, and for good reason. We take inspiration from America’s endless waterways – we are drawn to the tranquility of water. It’s an asset as well as a vital resource, and it deserves protection.

We craft our products here in the U.S.A. from 100% recycled raw materials for a few reasons. First, reclaiming plastic keeps it out of landfills and waterways. That means those milk jugs, plastic bags, and other plastic products you throw away end up in our furniture! Customers choose Bahia Verde to enjoy the peace and serenity of the outdoors, and we’re doing our part to maintain that dream. Since 2010 we have operated a solar farm right here at our facility. It’s more than building furniture to last for generations; we want the opportunities to enjoy pristine coastlines and riffling streams to endure, so we’ve committed to running a sustainably powered operation.

Also, our poly lumber is virtually maintenance-free. Made from durable, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), our furniture withstands the tests of time. Whether it’s subjected to sun, snow, rain, or the occasional rogue wave, it will never splinter, warp, or absorb moisture. Meaning, Bahia Verde promises carefree weekends for decades to come, no matter the weather. Just kick back and enjoy those endless summers ahead!