Whether it’s at your family home or a beach house, porch swings offer an idyllic picture of afternoon relaxation. You can be chatting the hours away, enjoying the scenery, or taking time to read: porch swings give you a place to do it all outside, taking in the crisp air and ocean breeze (if you’re at the beach!).

If you’re thinking of purchasing a swing for your home or beach property, Bahia Verde has got you covered! We’ve compiled an overview of our swings to help you visualize then them in your space, as well as, tips to keep to get the most out of a swing.


Before you Buy…

While porch swings are a great investment, it’s important to think about sizing before finalizing your decision. Our swings don’t take up too much room, but it’s still crucial to measure your space and ensure there are no surprises. In particular, confirm that you have room for a full swinging motion (after all, that’s the main perk!).

Make sure you have the proper location and support to hang the swing. You may have a covered porch or larger structure where you plan to install it. If not, consider buying an A-frame or similar assembly.


The Riverside Porch Swing

Our current offering is the Riverside Porch Swing. Horizontal boards on the back and seat give it a contemporary design. Combined with our vibrant colors (more on that later), you’ll get the sense of rocking back and forth on a boat during an ideal summer vacation.

No matter where you are, our porch swing will help you feel like you’re enjoying a relaxing day by the ocean. Watch the afternoon go by and take a breather with a book, refreshing beverage, and pillows for an afternoon siesta.



The Riverside Porch Swing is currently offered in both a 4-foot (seats 2) and a 5-foot (seats 3) option. Since the four-foot swing provides seating for two, it’s ideal for a date night. Add pillows and blankets to enjoy time together on a cool evening.


Riverside 4ft Porch Swing in Palm Green


Alternatively, this smaller version provides a great place for alone time in the shade. Grab a book, some coffee or tea, and a snack for an idyllic personal getaway!

Our five-foot swing grants more room for lounging, and is a great way to share time with family. Plus, there’s enough room on the larger swing for a summer afternoon nap! If you want to stretch out and get time to yourself, grab a book, prop yourself up on a pillow, and enjoy slowly swinging in the breeze.


Riverside 5ft Porch Swing in Seaglass Blue


Colors For Any Paradise

Color is a crucial aspect for planning new furniture in any space, porch swings included. When it comes to crafting a slice of the shore, Bahia Verde’s vibrant color palette is on point!

From more subdued tones such as Cove Gray, Cabana Tan, or Mangrove Brown, to bolder and brighter choices like Citrus Orange or Boathouse Red, you have plenty of choices to spice up your front porch! If you want to get a sense for the material and color in person before you buy, order a set of our product swatches!


Bahia Verde Product Swatches


Durability and Longevity

Regardless of where they hang, Bahia Verde swings are built for any type of weather. That means they can be left outside in rain, snow, and sun, all year long. No need to store them away! Built from our recycled polyethylene material (HDPE), these swings will last from season to season for years to come. Plus, the material can take hard impacts without breaking, so its highly durable.

It’s also very easy to clean! At the start of each season, just take hot water and soap to clean off any dirt that builds up, and it’s as good as new! The bright colors won’t fade in the sun thanks to UV inhibitors in our material, so you won’t have to worry about the swing losing its summer charm.

We know you want your porch swing to be an investment. Since our furniture is built to last, we’re confident that any swing you buy from us will be an investment you won’t need to worry about. Less worry means more time to relax, so make your porch your personal paradise, and rock the stress away


Adding the Final Touches

Before we go, we want to talk about adding accessories to your porch swing area to make it your own. After hanging the swing, add some seat cushions and pillows for optimal comfort. Even though our swing is available in a wide range of colors, you should be able to find a variety of pillow and cushion colors that will beautifully coordinate with your swing!

In addition to pillows, light blankets make for an ideal covering on summer evenings. Adding a blanket is a great way to enjoy a comfortable night under the stars!

For space to set belongings, look to one of our side tables, which can match both the color and style of your porch swing. Both a large and small size are available, so grab whichever fits best next to the swing, and enjoy a crisp lemonade on a summer afternoon!

Last, but not least, adding lights for summer evening displays can show off a unique side of your design skills! From string lights, lantern lights, and more, you can make your porch an even more welcoming place with a warm glow.


What’s your favorite spot to hang a swing in your outdoor furniture arrangement? We want to hear about it in the comments below!

June 14, 2024 — Gabi Slucki