Tips for ideal relaxation over the summer sunbathing season.

At Bahia Verde Outdoors, we’re all about comfort and ease. There’s not much we love more than relaxing outside with family and friends, or simply enjoying a quiet moment to ourselves. With everything going on in our lives, there are lots of reasons we value home spaces as places of relaxation and refuge.

But depending on where you live, Mother Nature may make it difficult to be truly comfortable in your outdoor space, especially on hot or wet days. We’ve put our heads together to come up with some ideas on how best to stay cool and comfortable, no matter the weather.

The Importance of Shade

Everyone knows that shade is key to getting a break from the heat. If you live in a warm climate, creating the best shade-producing setup for your backyard or patio may require a mix of options.

Consider why you want shade in the first place. Do you want to escape from the heat or the rain? Are you looking for something permanent or temporary? What time of the day do you need coverage (are some times worse than others?). And essentially, how much space do you have?


If you have a deck, it may heat up in the sun and become difficult to walk on. Umbrellas are an easy way to incorporate shade, and they come in a range of colors and patterns. You may also want to consider outdoor rugs made from durable materials to protect bare feet on scorching days. And as a bonus, they can add additional pops of color! Stripes, polka-dots, and zig-zags can set off the solids of your furniture (though our pieces come in such fun shades, you may feel they need no enhancing). Rugs can also add a laid-back vibe to your outdoor space.

Having the neighbors over? Position an oversized umbrella near our Cape Adirondack Conversation Table and lay out a tray of cold drinks or hors d’oeuvres to create a beachy vibe and the perfect antidote to the heat (we recommend miniature paper umbrellas or brightly colored napkins as accompaniments to summery beverages and snacks).



For sunny backyards, consider a pop-up canopy or tent. Set up your furniture underneath so the area suits your needs, whether this means chatting with friends or relaxing with a book. For those with ample space looking for something more permanent, a gazebo can serve as an escape from the sun and the rain.

If you deal with bugs or other flying critters, some gazebos even come with mosquito netting, which may be a good option for those looking to sit down for a meal or spend extended time outdoors with friends or family.

Natural Options

It can be fun to merge your outdoor space with nature, working with the elements available to you. Take advantage of the natural shade. Arrange chairs, side tables, and benches depending on where the light falls (or rather, where it doesn’t!).

Leafy plants and greenery are a lovely way to inject calm into any space. Pair the squared-off shape of our Riverside Garden Bench with the organic, rounded leaves of a Deliciosa or Bird of Paradise plant for a bold, attractive look. Position our Cape Folding and Reclining Adirondack Chair under a tree for optimal relaxation. If you live in the right climate, why not plant a butterfly bush to attract butterflies? If you have a pergola (like one from our Highwood USA brand!) or other overhanging structure, consider suspending vines to add an additional, dynamic element of greenery to your space.

With the right setup, you don’t need to let heat or rain stop you from enjoying the outdoors. 

February 07, 2023 — Gabi Slucki