Let Bahia Verde’s vibrant, tropical colors inspire you to make your backyard your personal paradise.

One of the best things about Bahia Verde is the vibrant selection of colors you can choose from. If you’re creating a new outdoor space, or refreshing your current one in time for the summer season, we’ll bet that choosing the colors for your furniture will be the most fun parts of the job.

Color is an easy way to add personal flavor to your space, and it has the power to set the mood. Depending on the vibe you’re after, you may lean toward bright colors that pop, or subtler hues that can be easier to coordinate with other items in your space. Whatever you’re after, we’ve put together a list of Bahia Verde furniture colors to help you decide. There’s something for everyone here! 


Browns: Cabana Tan and Mangrove Brown

We think brown is underrated. Though it’s sometimes seen as “boring,” brown actually has a lot to offer! Bahia Verde’s two wood tones call to mind the natural beauty of the environment while they provide a neutral background for pillows, rugs, and seasonal items. Because of their natural warmth, browns look especially good in natural environments (i.e., outdoors!), surrounded by plants and trees. Choose Mangrove Brown if you’re looking for a deeper, richer tone, or Cabana Tan for a lighter palette.





Coconut White

For a classic, beachy look, you can’t go wrong with Coconut White. Nothing says coastal chic quite like white outdoor furniture. The crisp tone goes well with pretty much anything, though we think it’s especially nice with a glass of cold white wine in summer. 



Black Sand

Black—an unexpected choice for outdoor furniture—can create a bold, yet refined statement. It works well if you’re seeking a modern look, especially with equally bold accessories. Consider pairing it with Coconut White for a classic black-and-white combination.



Cove Gray

If you’re unsure of the style you want for your outdoor space, Cove Gray is a great place to start. It’s hard to go wrong with a neutral gray. But as you build out your vision, you may decide you want more color, and gray pairs well with warm hues with similar saturations, like pink or orange. You can also add accessories such as outdoor pillows, blankets, or potted plants that will stand out against the gray.




Boathouse Red

Think sailboats, swimsuits, and long docks leading out to the sea. This bright color will cheer up any space.



Citrus Orange

Citrus Orange brings to mind sunrises and sunsets. It’s also somewhat unusual, and it looks great with other bright colors—especially red and yellow. As summer winds down, you can switch things up and add black or brown accessories for a more autumnal look.



Sunbeam Yellow

It’s hard not to like this joyful color, which brings a sense of fun to any space. Consider pairing it with Palm Green for a fresh, lemon-lime look. 



Palm Green

An earthy hue that’s relaxing and bright. If you’re looking to build a true outdoor oasis that invokes a sense of calm, Palm Green is a great choice.



Seaglass Blue

The ultimate beachy hue! Get ready for tropical vibes with this beautiful blue, which evokes oceans, islands, and waves rolling onto the sand. If you really want to lean into the beach theme, the next time you go to the (actual) beach, collect shells—and if you can find it, seaglass—to create a centerpiece for your table or side table. Put them in a bright bowl, or arrange on a trinket tray.



Get Creative!

Combining colors can change your outdoor space in unexpected ways. In addition to accessories, try grouping chairs or tables in cool tones together (blue and green, for example) or warm ones (orange and yellow). If you aren't sure what to pick, order a set of our product swatches to get a sample of our material and colors in person!

Whatever you do, have fun, and let your inner (outdoor!) designer shine.

April 07, 2023 — Gabi Slucki