Limited space isn’t always an inconvenience. A small outdoor living space can be made into an intimate and cozy setting for social gatherings. To help you get started on decorating and making the most of the space you have, we’ve put together this helpful guide. Read on for trips and tricks!


Preparation and Measurement Stage

Before you start thinking about what furniture to buy, it’s important to take a look at the space you’re using. Are you working on a deck, patio, porch, or balcony? Does your small space open to your front yard or back yard? Depending on the space you’d like to decorate, the specific furniture you want will likely change.

In addition to considering what kind of space you’re working with, you’ll definitely need to make sure your measurements are accurate and up to date. Measure, and then measure again. You might be surprised on what you’ll be able to fit!


For the Front Porch

When it comes to first impressions, nothing compares to the humble front porch. Besides your yard space, the first part of your home a visitor’s eyes will be drawn to is likely to be the front porch area. The idea of the porch calls to mind sitting with family, watching the world go by as you sip lemonade, coffee, or an afternoon cocktail.

In terms of definitions, a porch is any elevated structure with a roof. Whether located in the front of the house (commonly known as a “front entry” porch), extending around the side in the popular “wraparound” configuration, or offering a view of the yard from a beloved “back” porch, it’s all about relaxation.

It’s no coincidence that the best porch furniture pieces are the ones that truly enable you to slow down and sit awhile. For example, the aptly named porch swing allows for gentle rocking on an elevated seat as you enjoy a shaded view of the yard. At Bahia Verde, our Riverside Porch swings offer a blend of clean lines, charming design, and hassle-free maintenance.


Riverside Porch Swing in Cabana Tan


If you prefer a more grounded porch sitting area, you can always find room for a rocking chair, with or without a porch swing. Our Riverside Rocking Chair calls to mind small towns and late-night chats on a street-facing porch. Use them alone, or pair with a side table for convenience. You’ll be coming back evening after evening once things warm up.


Small Balcony Spaces

Looking to the dictionary, a “true” balcony is any space, open to the outdoors, with a floor and railings. There are also “faux balconies” (lacking a floor, decorative only) and “false balconies” (with standing area but not enough room for furniture).

Given that balconies tend to be on the smaller side, they are ideal for getting closer during outdoor gatherings. Adding in a side or conversation/coffee table will provide space for drinks or snacks, and with a pair of Cape Adirondack Chairs, you can craft the perfect recipe for a quiet evening with your Romeo (or Juliet).


Small Patio Spaces

Likely the most common area for outdoor dining and recreation, the patio is a paved, ground-level area adjoining a house, cottage, or other building. Concrete, stone, cobbles, brick, any material goes, and since they are typically uncovered to sun and rain, they act as a great spot to arrange a raised bed, some potted plants, or other decorative vegetation.

The exposure to the weather also means that your furniture should be able to withstand the elements. Fortunately, all of Bahia Verde’s outdoor furniture pieces are made from recycled, weatherproof plastics, and we guarantee they won’t crack, peel, or rot. Without the hassles of sanding, staining, or painting, you can use your outdoor patio the way it was meant to be used: for relaxation and rest.

Patios are usually the largest outdoor entertaining spots, but even if your own patio space is on the smaller side, you can find room to make a striking display. Set up a few Adirondack chairs around a central fire pit, and sprinkle in side tables for holding outdoor essentials like s’more supplies, drinks, and snacks. To get started on your patio area, check out our Adirondack bundles.


Cape Classic Adirondack Fireside Set in Citrus Orange


Smaller Deck Areas

Decks are roofless platforms, generally made of wood or composite material, and are accessed from inside the home. Decks offer ground-level living space, they can be elevated to a second floor, or they may even be “multilevel” designs that transition between the two.

Furnishing your deck space is all about flexibility. If your deck is on the cozier side, consider one of Bahia Verde’s Conversation Sets with two chairs and a convenient side table. These are curated to create a comfortable, inviting area to sit and chat with a friend or with a special someone.


Set of Two Cape Classic Adirondack Chairs and Small Side Table in Black Sand



Decorating Your Small Outdoor Areas

Last, but certainly not least, once you have your furniture set up in your smaller outdoor space, you can get to decorating! A cozy space calls for cozy décor, so adding in blankets or pillows is an excellent way to set the mood. If your arrangement includes tables, you can add candles or other centerpiece items.

For evening gatherings, adding in strings of lights can help make for convenient aesthetics. If you’re working on a beach house or a beach themed area in your yard, you can also look into tiki torches to add to the outskirts of your small space. These will fit perfectly with Bahia Verde’s beach inspired designs and furniture colors!


Make the Most of Your Small Spaces

No matter how large or small your outdoor living area may be, Bahia Verde’s furniture can transform your porch, patio, deck, or balcony into an elegant entertainment spot. Smaller spaces don’t have to limit you. Go all out and you’ll have an intimate setting for backyard conversations in no time!


How have you made the most of your small outdoor spaces? Let us know in the comments!

December 15, 2023 — Gabi Slucki