Making New Year’s resolutions this year? Along with getting in shape, spending more time outdoors can contribute positively to both physical and mental health. To optimize your outdoor experience, we’d like to offer our suggestions on crafting a new space you can love all year long.

Whether you’re looking to refurnish your backyard, your deck space, or the front porch, we’ve put together this guide so you can spend less time searching and more time resting in your relaxation haven.


Enhance Your First Impression

The front porch is often your guests’ “first impression” of your home. They also function as a relaxing place to sit with your friends and family, allowing you to talk away the hours while watching the world go by.

In particular, two categories of furniture truly define front porches: Porch swings and rocking chairs.

Porch swings are a front porch essential, and it’s not just because of their name. The gentle back and forth motion simulates ocean waves, lulling you into peaceful relaxation while you enjoy your slice of the shore.


Riverside Porch Swing in Cove Gray


Likewise, rocking chairs provide a calming motion that lets you take in the scenery. If you’ve resolved to do more reading this year, pairing a rocking chair and convenient side table can help you create the perfect nook for reaching booklist goals.


Pairing Swings and Rocking Chairs

When pairing porch swings and rocking chairs, be sure to select both from the same style family for a seamless look. Currently, Bahia Verde’s porch swings and rocking chairs fall within the Riverside Collection, featuring straight backs and contemporary flair.

To make things pop, choose a vibrant accent color such as Seaglass Blue, or match the surroundings with a more subtle tone like Cove Gray, or Cabana Tan.

We also have matching sets available that include rocking chairs paired with a side table. Add these to keep drinks or snacks nearby, or to spend time on your porch with someone to chat away the afternoon.  


2 Riverside Rocking Chairs and 1 Small Side Table in Black Sand


Renew Your Backyard

Once the weather warms back up, it will again be time for backyard barbeques and late-night chats. Look around—does your backyard area need some refreshment? It can never hurt to sprinkle in some Adirondack chairs to allow top-notch comfort. You and your guests will love the ability to sit back and recline in these outdoor furniture staples. Plus, we have ottomans for extra luxury, and side tables to hold food and beverages.

All of these outdoor furniture items are available in a wide range of tropically vibrant colors, and can withstand whatever the elements throw at them in the years ahead.


Back in Your Garden

Say “goodbye” to old, weathered garden furniture and “hello” to some new pieces to make the area snap. Baha Verde Outdoors offers garden chairs, benches, and rocking chairs that can help keep your garden vibrant and bright, even in the off season.


2 Riverside Garden Chairs and 1 Small Side Table in Palm Green


Even though we’re in the winter months, now is the perfect time to decide what you might be planting this spring. Will you focus on vegetables, flowers, or maybe both? As you plan, you might also think about adding a chair, or bench to offer the best view of your handiwork.


Time for a Bonfire

Once you’ve mapped out your garden, perhaps this is the time to create the backyard bonfire setup you’ve always wanted!

Our high-quality Adirondack chairs provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy late night fireside gatherings, whether they’re at a rental property by the beach, or your home’s backyard.

If you know your space and want to create a crowd-pleasing fireside setup all at once, check out our Cape Classic Adirondack Fireside Set. This bundle surrounds your firepit with multiple chairs, tables, and ottomans, so friends and family can gather around for s’mores and ghost stories.

It’s great to think of adding a bonfire setup at this colder time of year, too—you might be able to bundle up and use it on a warmer winter night.


This New Year, Indulge in New Furniture

So, here’s to making things “new” in this New Year. With a bit of creative thinking and new furniture pieces to choose from, you can transform your outside spaces for long-lasting memories.

Happy New Year from Bahia Verde Outdoors!


What outdoor space are you revamping this year? Talk about it in the comments below!

December 29, 2023 — Gabi Slucki