As we mentioned in a previous blog, adding a porch swing to your outdoor living area offers a lot of health, relaxation, and social benefits. However, once you have one picked out and set up, what’s the best way to make your investment last?

In this blog, we’ll go over some of the best practices for protecting and maintaining a porch swing, so you can keep enjoying your slice of paradise for years to come!


Picking the Right Porch Swing

Keeping a porch swing looking like new starts with picking one that has the right balance of durability, comfort, and maintenance ease. Depending on your material preferences, it might not be easy to get all of these qualities to your exact liking.

An increasingly popular porch swing material is poly lumber. Often retaining the look of wood with embossed textures, this versatile option will last for years, and is easy to clean, as we’ll explore later. If you’re interested in hard plastic or poly lumber, Bahia Verde’s Riverside porch swings offer all three of the qualities mentioned above in one vibrantly colored package!

 Our unique, ultra-low maintenance material is made right here in the USA and includes UV inhibitors to prevent the beautiful porch swing colors from fading in the tropical sunlight.

Available in both 4 foot and 5 foot lengths, the Riverside porch swing offers cozy, beach-inspired relaxation that imitates the gentle rocking of a boat on ocean waves. Whether you set it up at a beach house or use it at an inland home, the Riverside porch swing will make you wish you could stay outside all evening.


Riverside 4ft Porch Swing in Cabana Tan



Keeping Things Clean

Like all Bahia Verde outdoor furniture, the Riverside porch swings make it easy to get dirt off when it’s time to get things ready at the start of the season. Unlike wooden porch swings, there’s no need to store ours over the winter, but dirt will likely accumulate if they aren’t covered.

Thankfully, hot water and dish soap are all it takes to remove dirt and grime from our products. Use a rag dipped in soapy water to wipe away the dirt, and lightly scrub for anything harder to remove. We recommend a soft bristle brush for any scrubbing needed. After scrubbing and using soap, rinse with clean water and let it dry.


Riverside Porch Swing Care and Maintenance


Most water-based cleaners are ‘ok’ to use on Bahia Verde porch swings. Be careful to avoid anything with an aromatic solvent in the ingredients since this will damage the material.

Following these steps will ensure that your outdoor relaxation haven has a fresh start each new season! Bright, beach-inspired comfort awaits!


For Scratches or Minor Chipping

Though it will last for years, your plastic resin porch swings may experience some scratching or chipping as you enjoy relaxing on them. Thankfully, these are also easy to handle! Rubbing a piece of fine grade steel wool (0000 grade) will work for “sanding” the scratched area, seamlessly blending it into the material to make it look brand new. Make sure to rub in the same direction as the embossed pattern if the material contains it.

To finalize the repair job, add furniture polish or wax, and then buff to finish. If the area appears different at first glance, don’t worry: it will blend in with the rest of surface with weathering and time. To reference our cleaning tips easily, add our care and maintenance guide to your browser bookmarks!


Cushions and Fabric

Besides cleaning your porch swing at the start of the season, feel free to add cushions, blankets, or pillows to keep things extra cozy. While Bahia Verde currently doesn’t offer cushions, we’d suggest those made from waterproof materials or ones that include easily washable covers.

Check out Home Depot for selections with a variety of color choices. You’re sure to find something that matches with Bahia Verde’s bright color palette!

Besides the cushions, add pillows for some extra padding, or blankets for relaxing on cooler evenings. Adding these accessories will give your front porch its own personal touch!


Enjoy Year-Round Comfort with Bahia Verde’s Porch Swings!

Your porch swing should let you enjoy relaxation without the need for constant upkeep, and Bahia Verde porch swings offer exactly that. Even if you live in a climate with warm weather year-round, we build our porch swings to last.

We hope you’ve found this blog helpful when it comes to porch swing maintenance!


Proud of your porch swing setup? Send us your pictures! We love seeing your Bahia Verde furniture arrangements.

March 08, 2024 — Gabi Slucki