Although not everyone knows Adirondack chairs by name, most people recognize their iconic design. These comfortable outdoor chairs have been filling backyards and covering beaches for over a hundred years, and they are just as popular today as ever before.

If you have been looking for the right chairs to go with your backyard decor, lake house balcony, or beachfront rental property, Adirondacks should absolutely be on your list. At Bahia Verde Outdoors, we deliver comfortable Adirondack chairs and the perfect outdoor furniture to match!

Let’s discuss the history behind these chairs and why so many absolutely love them.


What is an Adirondack Chair?

The Adirondack chair, sometimes referred to as a Westport chair, Muskoka chair (mostly in Canada), or simply a lawn chair, is a style of chair that has been growing in popularity since its introduction in the early 1900s.

Known for its broad armrests, wide backs, and a slanted design, these chairs are a staple in regions with warm weather (so they’re a great fit for a beach house!). Perfect for drying off after a swim or for lounging with an ice-cold drink, Adirondack chairs have been a symbol of American culture for generations.


 Cape Classic Folding and Reclining Adirondack Chair in Seaglass Blue

 Cape Classic Folding and Reclining Adirondack Chair in Seaglass Blue


The Adirondack Chair: History and Popularity Throughout the Years

The first Adirondack chair was designed by Thomas Lee, a wealthy New Yorker and nature enthusiast who understood the comfort that a high-quality chair brings to outdoor living. From the moment he started designing this chair, he had one simple goal—to create the perfect outdoor lounge chair.

If the popularity of the Adirondack chair is anything to go by, he succeeded in his quest. Since the initial design, the Adirondack chair’s history has grown into a legacy. The evolving styles can be seen in images throughout the last 120 years of American history due to their continuous popularity.

Named after the iconic Adirondack Mountains, where Thomas Lee enjoyed spending his time, the original build was meant to improve outdoor living. In order to create a comfortable seat designed for various terrains, Lee prioritized making the chair strong and sturdy. These features make it versatile across a variety of environments while also contributing to the comfort these chairs offer.

After he invented the original Adirondack chair, Lee sold its design to friend and carpenter Harry Bunnell to help support his business in 1904, when many people were flocking to natural spaces during the Wilderness Cure craze. Bunnell made his own modifications to the design, and the chairs flew off the shelves. Bunnell’s changes went on to inspire others, eventually reaching Irving Wolpin in 1938, who is responsible for the modern Adirondack chair we know and love today.

Over a hundred years later, these chairs can be found across lawns, on beaches, and in the mountains all around the world.

To learn more Adirondack Chair history, check out the YouTube video we made on the subject! We also have a variety of outdoor living videos on our channel, so check them out and get inspired for your own space!




Bahia Verde’s Own Designs

In wrapping up our discussion on Adirondack chairs, we want to highlight our own designs, adding on to the original classic crafted over 100 years ago.


The Cape Collection

Our Cape Family features design elements inspired by beaches, lakes, and coastal towns that characterize American vacations. The Cape Classic Adirondack chair includes the contoured seat and rounded back that made the Adirondack chair so famous.


Cape Classic Folding and Reclining Adirondack Chair and Ottoman in Seaglass Blue


Along with all our furniture, the Cape Classic comes in a wide range of vibrant, tropical colors that evoke sandy, beachside bliss. Seaglass Blue, Boathouse Red, Cove Gray, and Sunbeam Yellow are just a few examples of the beautiful colors to choose from. To view the colors in person, pick up a sample kit today!

One other Adirondack chair belongs to the Cape Collection. For enhanced customization when it comes to reclining on your slice of the shore, check out the Cape Folding and Reclining Adirondack chair! This version keeps the classy design with a slightly larger build, but adds in an adjustable folding and reclining frame. This convenient upgrade makes it easy to find the ideal position for leaning back and watching the sunset, and for storage in the off season.


Comfort Height Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs are great, but with seats low to the ground, it can sometimes be hard to stand up once relaxation time is over. Luckily, we’ve crafted our Comfort Height Adirondack chairs for that very reason! These comfortable chairs have seats that are an extra 3 inches off the ground compared to the traditional Adirondack chairs, and feature taller backs for support.

The Corolla Comfort height Adirondack chair sports a unique, modern design with a squared back and wider boards. Though it has a new look, it loses none of the iconic Adirondack comfort and charm.


Corolla Comfort Height Adirondack Chair in Seaglass Blue


Our Waterfall Comfort height Adirondack chair keeps the classy, fanned back that we all know and love in our Adirondack chairs. These chairs are a perfect addition to beachside resorts or houses.


Waterfall Comfort Height Adirondack Chair in Seaglass Blue


Adirondack Chairs: Always Something to Love

It’s easy to see why so many people have fallen in love with Adirondack chairs over the years. No matter what kind of design is built onto the original, an Adirondack chair will never lose its status as an icon of American relaxation.


What do you love best about Adirondack chairs? Let us know in the comments!

February 23, 2024 — Gabi Slucki