Add the perfect table arrangements to your furniture settings.

They may not be the most glamorous pieces of furniture in your home, but the right side- or end table for your outdoor or indoor space can make a big difference. These tables are key for holding essentials on a hot (or cold!) day, but they should look good while also being practical. We’re excited about Bahia Verde’s collection of small tables, and we think you will be, too. Check out the tips and buying guide below to get the most out of your table and outdoor space.


Before you start...

We can’t say it enough: It’s so important to measure before purchasing! No one wants to end up with a product that makes a space feel crammed. Take the time to measure how much space you really have, making sure the table you want will fit. All of our tables list dimensions, of course, but they also feature images of household items such as vases and bowls, to help you visualize what each size will hold.

When making a decision, factor in how you see yourself using your side- or end table. Will it be mostly practical, holding only outdoor essentials such as sunscreen, mosquito repellent, or a book? Do you anticipate using it as part of the décor? (If so, what do your decorative items look like? How much space do they need?) Maybe you’ll use it for drinks and snacks, in which case you may want something a little roomier.

Don’t forget to think about color! Depending on the other items you have in your outdoor space, you may want to match your table with other furniture, or switch things up and pick a fun, unexpected accent color (luckily, Bahia Verde has plenty of those).


The fun stuff!

If you’re looking for a small, space-saving table to hold outdoor essentials, you can’t do much better than our stylish Cape Adirondack Small Side Table. 17 x 17 inches with a classic square shape, this table is ideal for holding sunglasses and a novel, a cup of morning coffee, or a post-work drink. Like all of Bahia Verde products, the table is low maintenance and comes in a variety of tropical colors. And because our materials contain UV inhibitors, those vibrant colors will never fade or dull. But remember: this table is small! It’s not ideal for those looking for a lot of surface space.



If you do want more surface area, check out our Cape Adirondack Large Side Table. At 23 x 23 inches, this option will give you a bit more space, meaning you can hold all of your essentials and more, such as a small decorative item or two (size-dependent), or drinks and a snack. Whether you set it in the garden, on the deck, or by the pool, this versatile table will get plenty of use! It, too, is available in ten fresh, fun colors.



And if you want even more room, our Adirondack Conversation Table is Bahia Verde’s largest table option. Much like a coffee table, it’s great for small, picnic-like meals, or for holding magazines and a drink tray. As its name indicates, it’s also ideal for conversation, relaxation, and slowing down, which is, after all, what we at Bahia Verde are all about!


May 05, 2023 — Gabi Slucki