Give your Bahia Verde furniture the love it deserves with our helpful care guide.

Care and Maintenance

We designed Bahia Verde furniture with the outdoors in mind. No matter the weather, the fact that it stands up to anything is one of the best parts of choosing our brand. But even the most durable furniture can use a little love now and then.

When you do need to give it some attention, we’ve put together some pro tips for the care and maintenance of your furniture and outdoor space. We hope they’ll make things a breeze, so you can get back to relaxing.

Cleaning: The Basics

All outdoor furniture can use a good cleaning from time to time, especially after a busy summer season. Luckily, it’s a breeze to take care of your tables, chairs, and benches by following the simple steps below:

  1. Fill a bucket with hot water and dish soap.
  2. Use a rag and the soapy water to wipe the surfaces clean of dirt, sand, and grime (for any remaining residue clinging to the surface, use a soft bristle brush).
  3. Rinse with clean water.

 Care and Maintenace

It’s that easy. For a quick clean, most water-based cleaners you find at home will work just fine—Windex, Formula 409, Murphy’s Oil Soap, Simple Green, etc. If your cleaning product isn’t on this list, we recommend testing it on a small, hidden area. Be careful not to use cleaners that contain aromatic solvents.

For a deeper clean, use a power washer with a medium nozzle setting to get rid of more stubborn grime that’s still holding on as long as it can.

Care and Maintenance with a medium nozzle setting

Minor Scratches

While Bahia Verde pieces can hold up against almost anything, if your product does get scratched or nicked, it’s usually an easy fix. Just follow the steps below!

  1. Use a very fine steel wool (0000 grade) to “sand” the scratched area, taking care to rub the steel wool in the same direction as the embossed pattern of your product. As you rub, apply just enough pressure to gradually minimize the scratched area. The surface may become dull and or lighter in color during this process (this is normal).
  2. After sanding, apply furniture polish or carnauba wax and buff to the desired finish.
  3. If the scratch remains, repeat this process.

Note: Sanded areas may appear slightly doctored initially, but the effect will weather and blend into the surface over time.

Your Outdoor Space

Presentation can be everything, especially if you’re a visual person. In addition to maintaining your furniture, having an outdoor space that’s clean, organized, and visually appealing will make it more enticing, and it can lend an aura of calm to your home. Who doesn’t want to return to a welcoming space at the end of a busy day?

 Cape Classic Adirondack Chair and Adirondack Side Table in Mangrove

You might consider sweeping decks and porches regularly, and shaking out rugs, especially in the summer—season of sandy feet and towels.

For serious grime and grit on wooden- or lumber-based surfaces, try power washing for a fast (and satisfying!) clean up. Some of our color selections are lighter in tone, so it will be easier to spot dirt on those surfaces.

Finally, don’t forget to water those plants! It can be easy to lose track of plant maintenance in the busyness of daily life, or to prioritize other things. Why not make it a regular, scheduled part of your routine? Being around greenery and plant life can be therapeutic. Watering those rhododendrons will lend a sense of calm to your day, and regularly weeding and deadheading will keep garden areas healthy and fresh-looking.

You’ll appreciate your hard work later during that summer party, or when you’re lounging in the sun in your outdoor oasis!  

February 20, 2023 — Gabi Slucki