When it comes to first impressions, nothing compares to the front porch. Besides your yard space, the first part of your home a visitor’s eyes will be drawn to is likely the front porch area.

Thinking of the porch calls to mind evenings spent outdoors with family, watching the world go by as you sip lemonade, coffee, or an afternoon cocktail. To help with your idyllic front porch scene at a beach or lake house, we’ve put together this guide to help you make the best grand entrance you can!


What is a “Porch”?

To start, let’s define exactly what a “porch” is. Dictionary-wise, a porch is any elevated structure with a roof. They can be located in the front of the house, extending around the side in a “wraparound” configuration, or in the back, offering a view of the yard. Though we’ll be focusing on the front porch, these principals can be applied to any type of porch. No matter where they’re located, porches are all about relaxation.


Measuring and Preparation

As you start to think about crafting your porch’s look, begin by stepping back and taking in the empty space. Visualize a few ways you could make the area shine, and once you have an image in your mind, make sure you have up-to-date measurements. The size of your porch is key when it comes to what you’ll be able to fit. Even if you can fit all the furniture you want to add, it’s also important to avoid overwhelming the appearance for onlookers.

You’ll also want to take into account the weather conditions that your porch furniture will face. Depending on the area, you’ll need outdoor furniture that can brave wind, snow, rain, ice, and intense sunlight. If you’re sprucing up a porch at a beach or lake house, then Bahia Verde’s porch furniture is right for you. Each piece is crafted from weather resistant HDPE material, and includes UV inhibitors to keep the vibrant colors from fading. Bahia Verde furniture will look like new for years to come!


Chairs and Tables

Now that you have your porch area visualized and measured out, you’re ready to add seating to enjoy lazy afternoons. Bahia Verde’s Riverside garden chair is a versatile option made from our recycled poly lumber material. This outdoor chair features modern, horizontal lines on the back, and pairs excellently with our side tables to hold a favorite drink or snack.


Riverside Garden Chair in Palm Green


A classic for front porches, the outdoor rocking chair is iconic when it comes to winding down and relaxing at the end of a busy day. Our Riverside Rocking Chair calls to mind small towns and late-night chats on a street-facing porch. It’s a perfect fit for your entrance area! Use them alone, or pick up a set with a side table for convenience. You’ll be coming back evening after evening once things warm up.

If you have the space, you might also consider Adirondack chairs for your porch area. Our Cape Adirondack chair comes in both a folding and standard version, so you can sit back, take a rest, and enjoy the scenery from your front porch however you like!


Two Cape Classic Adirondack Chairs and Side Table Set in Coconut White


Porch Swings

The best porch furniture options are the ones that enable you to slow down and sit awhile. For a unique kind of seating, the aptly named porch swing allows for gentle rocking on an elevated seat as you enjoy a shaded view of the yard.

At Bahia Verde, our Riverside Porch swings offer a blend of clean lines, charming design, and hassle-free maintenance. Along with all our furniture, our swings are 100% made in the USA and backed by a 12-year residential warranty.

 Riverside 4ft Porch Swing in Mangrove Brown


Decorating Your Porch

Once you have your furniture selected and ready on your porch, you can get to decorating! A grand entrance calls for great décor. For an inviting atmosphere, consider adding an outdoor rug, blankets and pillows for chairs, and some decorative lighting. Besides string lights, Tiki torches are great for summer evenings, and if you have tables, candles can add a lot too.

For seasonal décor, plants, palms, or tropical plants (whether real or fake) can add to a summer beach theme. For Fall, add pumpkins, scarecrows, and more. With a wide variety of vibrant color options, you’ll have plenty of ways to get creative with your entranceway. Let your artistic side out as you decorate your porch!


Make Your Porch the Perfect Grand Entrance

As you welcome people into your home, Bahia Verde’s furniture can transform your front porch! We hope this guide has helped as you make decisions and get your porch setting ready for entertaining.


Any ideas for a front porch that you have in mind? Let us know in the comments!

February 09, 2024 — Gabi Slucki