Make your furniture space pop with pillows, blankets, and other items.

To get the most out of your outdoor space, it’s important to choose the right furniture. Tables, chairs, and other pieces can go a long way in helping you make your backyard, garden, or deck feel like home. But there’s more you can do to make it your own. Smaller accents and accessories might ultimately be what really make your outdoor space unique to you and your style. To help you with those finishing touches, we’ve put together some tips for accessorizing, below!


    Touches of Comfort

    When spending time outdoors at home, many of us are looking to relax, so we want to feel comfortable. Outdoor cushions, blankets, and rugs are three simple ways to add a touch of comfort to your space.

    All three are easy opportunities to add pops of color, and who doesn’t like to step out onto a soft rug with bare feet? Bahia Verde pieces are already available in a selection of fun, tropical hues, but we have more neutral options available, too, such as Cove Gray and Cabana Tan. Depending on the base color of your furniture, you may want to punch things up with bright or patterned pillows, or tone things down with a neutral throw blanket draped over the back of your Riverside Garden Bench or Cape Classic Adirondack Chair.



    And though solids can pack plenty of punch, don’t be afraid of adding patterns, or mixing and matching solids and patterns to create fun, bold looks.


    A Sense of Atmosphere

    No matter what your setup, there are plenty of options for injecting a sense of atmosphere into your space. For decks, patios, and balconies, plants have much to offer. Not only will they lend a sense of calm, their bold shapes and colors can act as additional design accents.

    String lights and lanterns are great for decks and built spaces, in particular. String the lights along the top of a fence or hang them from a balcony, or place a lantern on our Cape Adirondack Side Table near a chair.



    Motion-activated solar lights are perfect to add along a pathway leading out to the garden, on the ground lining your deck, or leading up to your home, since they’ll pop on quietly when you walk by, creating a soft, magical mood. Tiki torches are another, softly dramatic option.

    Depending on the setup of your lawn, you may also want to consider incorporating a water fountain, to which you can add coloring or flower petals for a bit of flair; or a firepit, if you’re into s’mores or chatting with friends late into the night.



    Garden Accents

    If critters are more your thing, there is no end to the variety of creatures you can purchase for your garden, from gnomes to ceramic turtles. Birdhouses and stone bird baths are lovely additions to any garden, especially if you want to learn more about your winged neighbors. Hummingbird feeders are great options for positioning closer to the house, and some are even available as stick-ons for your window.



    Sculptural art is another way to make your garden or outdoor space your own. Small art fairs or open studios are great opportunities to find locally made art, or, if those options aren’t available to you, you could consider purchasing an outdoor sculpture from an artist online.

    Finally, there are many seasonal decorations out there—or perhaps, if you’re feeling crafty, you could make your own.

    No matter what you choose to incorporate, think about what brings you joy and relaxation. After all, it’s all about what you want to get out of your space!


    June 16, 2023 — Gabi Slucki