Check out our river-inspired outdoor furniture line!

This month, we’re excited to launch Bahia Verde’s Riverside Collection, named for—you guessed it!—the body of water we love so much. Rivers—from the Colorado, to the Mississippi, to the Penobscot—evoke a sense of ease, calling up relaxed and idle days in the sun. To sit by a river on a summer’s day is a kind of paradise.

We hope the pieces in this collection will be transportive, enabling you to feel the same sense of relaxation you would if you were beside your favorite natural watercourse. If you’re planning to create your own backyard oasis, or add to an existing one, we think pieces from this collection will provide some inspiration! All products in the Collection feature:

  • Contemporary/modern square-backed design;
  • Sleek styling;
  • Comfortable, contoured seating; and
  • Ten tropical color options.


Riverside Rocking Chair

When it comes to furniture, a rocking chair is the epitome of relaxation, and this comfortable rocker is no exception. Its contoured seat and supportive back will make it easy to rock away the day and envision the slow, rolling motion of a river. Like all Bahia Verde products, it’s made of recycled HDPE material that contains UV inhibitors, meaning its color will never fade or dull, and it’s American-made and low maintenance. We think the fun color options are also unexpected for a rocking chair.



Riverside 4ft Garden Bench

As the name indicates, this bench is ideal for a garden, but it’s also lovely for walkways, decks, or a favorite shady spot under a tree. It’s versatile and practical, good for taking a break from that weeding or for pausing for a chat with a friend. Its solid, squared-off shape will look good pretty much anywhere!



Riverside 5ft Garden Bench

If four feet doesn’t quite cut it space-wise for you, check out our five-foot option, which has all the same features as our smaller bench. If you want a splash of (even more) color, the extra room is a good opportunity to add some fun, outdoor throw pillows. Want to lean into the tropical theme? Consider pillows with a tropical print to pair with one of our fresh, bright colors, from Seaglass Blue to Boathouse Red.  



Riverside Garden Chair

Our Garden Chair is great for solo relaxation or paired with other chairs, tables, and benches. Set it under your favorite tree to create a cozy reading spot, or on the deck for drinks with friends. Its sturdy, upright build makes it great for reading or sipping a glass of wine, but its contoured seat guarantees relaxation. Like our garden bench, its simple yet stylish shape will look good anywhere.



Riverside 4ft/5ft Porch Swing

No product in the Collection better evokes the easy, rolling motion of a river than our Riverside Porch Swing, available in both four- and five-foot options. With its clean lines and simple shape, it offers a sleek, contemporary look for modern spaces. If you’re into design, consider purchasing a colorful throw in a fun pattern to accompany your swing and make it a truly comfortable and inviting space. Sit back and rock gently in the breeze as you sip an iced coffee or finish that crossword. You’ll be dreaming of rivers in no time!

We could wax poetic for a long time about the benefits of our furniture and the beauty of rivers, but we’re itching to get outdoors! We’re so excited to introduce the Riverside Collection to you. It’s coming soon, and we can’t wait to hear what you think.

June 02, 2023 — Gabi Slucki