Creating the perfect chair for outdoor living spaces takes time and consideration. For generations, Adirondack chairs have been gracing front porches and providing exceptional comfort near beaches all around America and beyond. These iconic chairs have seen many new and exciting changes to their design, and we are happy to take these classic chairs one step further with our new Comfort Height Adirondack Chairs.

Let’s explore these new chairs and why they are perfect for lounging outside!


Two New Chairs for Twice as Much Comfort

The new Comfort Height Adirondack Chairs include several great new features. We are proud to offer these beautiful chairs in two beautiful designs to suit different tastes.


Waterfall Comfort Height Adirondack Chair

Ideal for those who want the standard Adirondack chair style with plenty of back support and space to lounge, the Waterfall Comfort Height Adirondack Chair is a major upgrade to everyone’s favorite chair. With this model, you can enjoy that all-American look with some truly amazing improvements!


Corolla Comfort Height Adirondack Chairs

For those who want a modern 3-plank back design, the Corolla Comfort Height Adirondack Chair brings it all. Perfect for lounging by the beach or sitting on your porch, these chairs offer a slim design that fits in a wide range of spaces. Comfortable, casual, and made to last, this sleek chair brings luxury lounging to a whole new level.



Features You Will Love

Although each of our new chairs brings its own fun style and appearance, these are the winning features you can count on with the Comfort Height Adirondack Chair Collection!


A Chair for Everyone

Everyone loves Adirondack chairs, but it is no secret that traditional Adirondack chairs aren’t for everyone. This new version is built to be the perfect match for everyone you know, regardless of age, body type, or height. With these enhanced designs, there is always a great place to rest in your backyard oasis!


Easy to Get in and Out Of

The Comfort Height Adirondack Chairs were made to support mobility with their 17” tall seats. Everyone deserves to recline in comfort without having to worry about how they will get in or out of their chairs. Our fresh new design is easier to get in and out of and was made to be higher off the ground, making it ideal for everyone, especially for older individuals and those with mobility limitations.


Feelings of Total Relaxation

With their comfortable design, these chairs were made to support total relaxation. Sitting in a chair this luxurious evokes the feeling of a tropical breeze while you enjoy your own peaceful paradise. Made with contoured seating, these chairs are the ultimate comfortable escape for those who love outdoor living.


10 Stunning Colors to Choose From

Colors help us to define our home’s style and give us a chance to add to its beauty. To accommodate the look of your home, each of these chairs is available in a collection of ten different colors, ranging from eye-catching and vibrant to subtle and soft. This makes it easy to find the right color for your home!


Comfort Height Adirondack Chairs Are Available In:

  • Seaglass Blue
  • Black Sand
  • Citrus Orange
  • Coconut White
  • Palm Green
  • Boathouse Red
  • Cove Gray
  • Cabana Tan
  • Mangrove Brown
  • Sunbeam Yellow



Bring Comfort and Relaxation to Your Outdoor Living Space!

Our new Comfort Height Adirondack Chairs are comfortable, colorful, and built to last. Perfect for families, friends, and everyone else you love, these luxurious new designs are a great match for anyone who loves to spend time outside. Explore our different options to find the right match for you!


Which new model will you be adding to your home’s design? Let us know in the comments!

September 22, 2023 — Gabi Slucki