The fall season is blowing in like a cool breeze, and that means it is time to give your outdoor décor a quick seasonal makeover. You can make sure that your home is ready for the season with these simple upgrades!


Add a Porch Swing

Autumn is a magical time when you can enjoy your outdoor spaces without having to worry about overheating. As the temperature begins to cool, it is the perfect time to bundle up and spend time on your porch or in your yard with a nice, warm drink. Adding a porch swing to your property gives you a comfortable and casual place to pass the time!




Invest in Fall-Friendly Décor

Few seasons get more attention than fall when it comes to décor, and that means you have plenty of great options to choose from. Whether you decide to take a natural route with seasonal plants or you decide to invest in wall décor and other decorations, this is the chance to turn your outdoor space into a fall-themed dream.


Popular Options:

  • Pumpkin-themed décor
  • Red, orange, and brown décor
  • Fall patterns, like leaves and plaid
  • Farm decor


Add a Rocking Chair

A rocking chair is the perfect seasonal addition to your outdoor space if you want to really enjoy the crisp fall air with a book or a drink. This furniture option is a welcome addition to outdoor living spaces and can help you to offer more seating when family or visitors drop by. For even more fall-friendly comfort, add some outdoor décor to this feature, like cushions or blankets.


Accessorize Your Yard with a Fire Pit

Fall evenings can get nice and cool, and that means it is extra nice to have a comfortable place to stay warm. A fire pit is the perfect outdoor décor option as the nights get longer and cooler. It gives you and your guests a comfortable way to sit outside while you stay warm and share stories. This is where memories are made!



Bring in the Seasonal Plant Life

The seasons keep changing, and the plants of the season change with them. A surefire way to get your outdoor living space ready for fall is to bring in some seasonal plants!



Popular Options:

  • Mums
  • Gourds
  • Cornstalks
  • Leaves
  • Orange, white, and yellow flowers


Dress Up Your Door with a Seasonal Wreath

Doors are the entry point to our homes, and they can help set the tone for your guests. Adding a fall wreath is a simple outdoor décor choice that can immediately bring a seasonal feel to your space. Easy to install and perfect for quick decorating, this is a great option for every home!



Light Up Your Outdoor Areas

The nights get longer during the fall season, and that means it is always best to give your home a warm glow in the evenings. Outdoor décor shines brighter with the addition of fun and beautiful lights.


Popular Options:

  • Lanterns
  • String lights
  • Landscaping lights
  • Walkway lights


Get Your Home Ready for Fall with Seasonal Décor

There are so many wonderful ways to decorate a home in each new season, and these fun changes can make your outdoor living spaces look amazing. Create a combination of features to build a custom look for the season that makes you “fall” in love with your home.


What are you doing to get your home ready for fall? Let us know in the comments below!

October 06, 2023 — Gabi Slucki