Swing Mounting Chain and eHook Set

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This swing mounting kit contains two 7ft chain sections and two 2ft chain sections. These chains make it easy to hand a Bahia Verde porch swing (not included) to a sturdy structure such as porch ceilings, trees, or sturdy outdoor structures (such as a pergola or swing stand). Simply hang your swing from the chain, throw in your favorite decorative pillows, and get ready to relax in the salty ocean breeze.

Set includes:

  • (2) 2ft chains
  • (2) 7ft chains
  • (2) e-hooks
  • (4) washers
  • (4) lock-nuts
  • (4) custom eyebolts

These chains are made from zinc-plated steel, which means provides resistance against corrosion, so each chain will hold in a variety of environments from season to season.

Please use strong hooks (not provided) to hang the chain from and support the weight of the loaded swing. Total height from end of the chain to the top of the swing seat is 80”. The chains have a 400-pound weight capacity.